Beer Review: Green Fog Brewing Company – Organic IPA

I had never thought of a beer review in this publication.  I feel that, in this city, it could be important.  I enjoyed the bar reviews of the paper in my 20’s.  It was always written in to be easily read.  I enjoyed that.

I’d like to skip right into how I feel about the first beer that inspired this segment, Green Fog Brewery’s Organic IPA.  The beer comes in a brown bottle with a generic brass colored cap with no logo and traditionally placed paper labels.  Many home brewers would recognize this bottle cap.  Every IPA has the same initial IPA taste and this is no exception.  Organic IPA’s initial IPA hoppy taste is shorter.  Unfortunately, that taste is accompanied by a taste I can only describe as rusty hose water, but I didn’t want to stop there and not give Green Fog Brewery a chance.  I tried it under multiple circumstance.  I started at a refrigerator cold beer allowing the beer to warm over time.  As time, oxygen, and temperature change, I will report my findings.


I switched to a beer glass.  The idea was to give the beer a chance to really breathe.  Still, the rusty hose water taste enveloped my mouth as I drank.  I kept trying the beer at different temperatures.  Strangely, the beer tasted better at warmer temperatures.  As the beer came to a slightly cooler temperature than room temperature, the beer became almost enjoyable.  


As I write, I realize that I still have beer in the glass.  The beer has now switched from a horrid aftertaste to an even more horrid foretaste.  I plan to wait longer to see if waiting longer creates a worse taste or both horrid tastes subside to a final, ok tasting beer.


Twenty minutes have gone by.  I am anxious.  The remnants of my glass smell amazing as I wait just a little longer.  The initial smell even smelled of rusty water.  Remembering that, I have high hopes for the last few ounces of beer in my glass.  I wait, tweaking this article, just a little longer.


Nope.  The beer is even more horrid.  I admit that the beer may have been improperly transported.  It may have gone stale.  Many things could have happened during the process of when this beer was brewed and bottled to when it reached me.  I will try this beer again, someday.  I hate giving anyone a bad review, but this was comically bad.  This couldn’t have been the standard.  At this point, I am enjoying viewing, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” as an adult, trying to see if I can understand it from a different perspective, more than this beer.  



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