Spring 2017 Statewide Election


Presidential elections are not the only ones that count, and in fact, local and state elections can sometimes have the biggest impact. Today is a statewide election for various state and local offices for judges and school board representatives–only four positions on your Milwaukee ballot are running opposed. There is also a referendum in Milwaukee County on today’s ballot. All offices up for election on today’s ballot are non-partisan. Click the candidates names to go to to learn more about each candidate.


State Superintendent Of Public Instruction

Tony Evers (Current) vs. Lowell E. Holtz



Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Branch 47

Kristy Yang vs. Scott A. Wales



Milwaukee Municipal Judge Branch 1

Valarie A. Hill (current) vs. William Crowley



Milwaukee School Board District 4

Annie Woodward (current) vs. Aisha Carr


Milwaukee School Board District 5

Larry Miller (current) vs. Kahri Phelps Okoro


Milwaukee School Board District 6

Tony Baez vs. Jonatan Zuniga


Milwaukee School Board District 7

Paula Phillips vs. Joey Balistreri


Referendum (Yes or No)

Milwaukee Wheel Tax (additional $60 in car registration); the tax will fund Milwaukee transportation.


To find out…

• What’s on your specific ballot

• Where your polling location is and what its hours are

• If you’re registered to vote,

…go to https://myvote.wi.gov/.


Please remember to bring your photo I.D. to vote.


No matter who you vote for or why, remember that voting is your civic duty and any vote is more important than a non-vote.

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